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A great free GSP mobile car navigation application
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Map Monkey is an attempt to turn the very limited Destinator SDK (Software Development Kit) by Powerloc/HSTC into a user friendly, yet advanced GPS application for the PC.


- Speed Camera Detection: Map Monkey can now notify you of approaching speed cameras. Cameras can also be easily added or removed from the database via a buttons on the main toolbar

- Automatic Update of Speed cameras: When connected via the SDK, you can opt to be notified of any approaching cameras. This is useful for custom applications and plugins.

- Scroll map with hotkeys: You can define hotkeys to scroll the map and also return to the home position.

- Fullscreen Mode: A hotkey can be defined to enter and exit fullscreen mode. You can also choose to always start in fullscreen.

- Reconnect GPS on power resume: When returning from standby or hibernate, you can choose to automatically reconnect the GPS.

- Navigate Button: There is now a navigate button on all dialogs at the bottom right of the screen

- Manual Destination: You can now route to specific longitude and latitude coordinates.

- Speed Display: The current speed can be overlayed on top of the mapping window.

- Customizable Infobar: Most aspects of the infobar can now be edited (fonts, colors, positions) by modifying the skin.

- Destinator Skins: Each skin can now have it's own individual "Destinator Skin" allowing you to change the scrollbar / fonts / internal buttons of destinator without effecting other skins.

- Line Mute on Maneuvers: As well as Winamp and Frodo control when approaching a maneuver, you can now optionally mute a sound line on your system. (Wave, Mic, Line-in etc..)

- Volume Control: Buttons can now be added to a skin to control the master volume

- Import Speed Cams into Favorites: On the configuration screen, you can now choose to import all of the speed cameras of your chosen database straight into the "Imported Speed Cameras" favorites folder of destinator.
This means they will appear straight on the map rather than having to wait for them to be detected before showing up.

- Custom Speed Warning: By editing the value in Settings.INI, you can have a custom speed warning that will alert you when reach a certain speed.

- Scroll Buttons: There are now buttons on dialog screens that allow you to scroll up and down any lists. This helps touchscreen users who find it difficuilt to use the small scrollbar.

- Camera Warning Sounds: There are different warning sound for each type of speed camera. Any new types of camera can also have sounds made for them by creating a wave file and calling it Warning[x]_[TYPE].wav and placing it in the WAVE folder.

- CdRSkuLL Skin: The popular skin by CdRSkuLL has been updated for 1.1.3 and is now the default.

- Plugin Structure: Map Monkey now allows you to select the plugins to use at startup.

- Windows Media Player Control: You can now map your Prev/Play/Next buttons to Windows Media Player.

- QuickFavorite: A button on your skin or a hotkey can now be assigned to quickly add the current location into a favorites folder. Only the "Classic" skin has this button by default.

- Default Address Sort View: You can now specify the default view to use on the route to address dialog

- Background image on skin: By placing a "Tile.JPG" inside your skin folder, the image will be tiled on your skins background rather than a colour.

- Hide Mouse: It is now possible to allow Destinator to hide your mouse while it's running (and make it visible again upon exiting)

- Import / Export of Speed Cameras: It's possible to import new cameras to the speed camera database (MapMonkey CSV or PocketGPS CSV) and also export
the current database to a CSV file.

- Set Volume on speak: You can now specify a volume for voice directions. This will help keep directions at a safe & suitable level even when the music is loud.

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